5 Romantic things to do in Rome

January 07, 2014

Rome is known around the world as the capital of Italy. Vatican - an enclave within Rome - is a separate state and the seat of the Catholic Church. Rome has been on the world map for more than 1000 years, but it was popularized by the great Roman Empire that ruled the world for more than 500 years.

With such history, you can expect the city to hold its own in terms of romanticism. The following are some of the romantic things you can do in Rome.

1. A Romantic Stroll in the Streets

Rome is a museum in itself. You do not need to visit any museum to see the old city in its entirety. Just hold hands and walk leisurely around this ancient city. Of importance to see is San Luigi dei Francesi, the Collosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain etc.

2. A boat tour on Tiber

Don’t feel like strolling? Well, you can take a boat from Ponte Duca d'Aosta to Isola Tiberina and back. You will be able to capture most of Rome's tourist attraction from the boat.

3. Dance to Jazz beats at Villa Celimontana

If you love dancing, then the open air concerts at Villa Celimontana will provide with the right setting to dazzle your better half with your dancing moves. You can even request for the instrumentalist to play your favorite song as you dance to its beats.

4. Dine at Donna Camilla Savelli Hotel

This is one of the premiere hotels in Rome. You can make reservations for a candle lit dinner and private Italian music entertainment. Italian gourmet dishes are renowned the world over as some of the finest food. You will get to sample cuisines such as Pizza, Spaghetti, lasagna etc.

5. High Energy Partying at Bar della Pace

If you are young and outgoing, a Rome romantic getaway will not be complete with a night of serious partying. Bar Della Pace is one of the best places to drink the best Italian cocktails and dance to DJ music.

Lucky you if you are single and you are a lady travelling alone. Italian men are known to spoil their women with lavish romantic excursions. What is there to lose if you can meet new people?