5 things you need to know about Fiji

January 30, 2014

If one can say of a country being lonely, then Fiji would top the list. Located about 1,100 nautical miles (1,300 miles) northeast of New Zealand's North Island, Fiji is as solitary as any country can be. It is like the country was not meant to be located where it is; and yet, in this solitary setting, the country is a little paradise. It is one of the island countries in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean; with its closest neighbors being hundreds of miles away. Below are a few things tourists headed to the Republic of Fiji need to know.

1. Closest Neighbors

Apparently in the case of Fiji, close neighbors is relative...they are hundreds of miles away, with the Pacific Ocean making a natural barrier to the islands. They include; Vanuatu to the west, France's New Caledonia to the southwest, New Zealand's Kermadec to the southeast, Tonga to the east, the Samoas and France's Wallis and Futuna to the northeast, and Tuvalu to the north.

2. Kava is the most popular beverage in Fiji

Lucky you if you are going to the Islands. Your body will get rid of caffeine (coffee) and nicotine (tea) the first week you stay in the island. Kava, also known as yaqona, or grog is a non-alcoholic, non-narcotic drink made from ground root of the pepper plant. It momentarily paralyzes your lips and tongue but after sometime makes you feel more relaxed - sort of the way you feel when you smoke some weed (not that I have smoked some). It contains vitamin B, a natural muscle relaxant and anti-depressant.

3. Garden of the Sleeping Giants

If I were you and was travelling with my lover, I would spoil her (sentimentally speaking) at this garden that is located in Sabeto Valley and has the largest collection of orchids in Fiji. Why not take some pictures to capture the fond memories too?

4. Be ready to share

Yep...you heard me right. The only thing you will not share in Fiji is your spouse/fiancé/girlfriend. You will share taxis, rooms, beaches, bathrooms and what have you. Consolingly, the Fijians are extremely clean.

5. 322 Islands make up Fiji

Scattered over an area of 1,290,000 square kilometers are 322 islands and over 500 islets that form the republic of Fiji. Of these, only 110 are inhabited - and very sparingly inhabited. If you are liberal like me, you would skinny dip and then soak in the south pacific sun in the nude...after all; you are unlikely to encounter another human being on an uninhabited island that is surrounded by Pacific waters.

Need I say more? Fiji is a paradise and if you have not visited the Island nation, then you need to add it on top of your bucket list.