Everything you can look forward to seeing at Floriade 2022

February 17, 2021

From flowers and plants to vegetables and fruit, you don’t want to miss the Netherland’s mega-sized once-in-a-decade world horticulture fair, Floriade 2022. Yes, just once every 10 years Holland erupts in a fiesta of florals and foliage for this six-month-long event.

Floriade 2022 will be in Almere, a modern "garden city" very close to Amsterdam, built on land reclaimed from the sea.

Running from April to October the Floriade Expo 2022 will include a huge number of exhibitions and events under the overall theme of "Growing Green Cities". It's an important topic to discuss and solve given that by 2050, some 68% of the global population will live in cities on just 2% of the earth's surface area.

Ride the cable car over Floriade 2022

Built on land reclaimed from the sea, the Netherland's newest suburb (it will be called Hortus when Floriade is over) will set the tempo when it comes to what green future cities might look like. Take in the stunning park from above when you ride the cable car over the mega exhibition. The 850-metre cable car link will provide a fast and sustainable connection between the southern and northern parts of the Floriade park. It's a great chance to take in the views and snap a selfie!

Learn about what it takes to build a "green city"

The Dutch horticulture sector, along with more than 40 other countries, will exhibit green solutions that might one day make our cities more fun, liveable and sustainable. At Floriade Expo 2022, you will be able to pop your head into pavilions and the incredible greenhouse complex to learn more up-close about new innovations from each country and what our futures might look like. Don't miss the arboretum, it will feature an alphabetically organised tree and plant encyclopaedia that you can walk through.

Wander the Floriade 2022 park

Floriade Expo 2022 will feature a stunning arts and cultural programme with world-class live music – from classical orchestras to jazz bands – adding energy to the park. Wander between pavilions, exhibitions and talks to the sound of music. Stop to admire the circular infrastructure of the future suburb of Hortus. Almere has built two green bridges in the park constructed with waste flows from the city.

Cruise the canals of Amsterdam

Almere, the city where Floriade 2022 is being held, is less than 30km from downtown Amsterdam. Given that, there's no doubt you will see plenty of the Dutch capital during your stay too. Soak in the buzz of bicycles and boats as you stroll around the city's famous canals before joining a laid-back cruise on a canal boat.

Get up to no Gouda

Indulge in Dutch cheese with a visit to Gouda. Seemingly frozen in time with its beautiful 15th-century town hall and medieval cheese weighing station, Gouda's status as a cheese trading town dates back to the Middle Ages. You can witness the town's proud tradition first-hand in the beautiful market square.

Visit the factory of a famous export

The historic town of Delft is home to the Royal Delft Pottery workshop. Here the Dutch have been making the delicate hand-painted blue and white porcelain we know and love since 1653. That's more than 350 years making the iconic crockery – and these plates, ornaments and vases make the ultimate Dutch souvenir you will keep for a lifetime.

Content courtesy of Trafalgar