Top 3 Canadian Destinations for a Winter Vacation

September 01, 2020

Whitehorse, Yukon

If you think winter is the time to retreat indoors with the heat cranked up high, think again. Grab a dogsled, snowmobile or pair of skis — just be sure to grab them with gloves on. In Whitehorse, winter is the longest season, spanning five months from November until the end of March. It may be dark, cold and snowy, but you'll soon find out why that makes Yukon winters all the better. Where else can you ski through a nature reserve, mush across a glistening lake, and slowly watch your hair freeze as you soak in a hot spring, all in one day? Here's a hint — it starts with "Y" and ends with "ukon". The long dark months are also the perfect ingredient for one of the most amazing, natural phenomena of the world — the aurora borealis. Prepare to gaze up in awe as greens, purples and pinks embrace in a lightshow that rivals a choreographed intergalactic laser battle.

Quebec City, Quebec

As soon as the first snowflakes fall, Québec City gets into its winter groove. From late November to late March, the region is one giant playground while Old Québec dazzles with its enchanting blanket of snow. Grab your hat and mittens and experience the best of winter: it's time to tackle winter like a local! Marvel at the splendor of the only ice hotel in North America, Hôtel de Glace. Stroll through the winter wonderland of Old Québec. Try cross-country skiing in the heart of town or in the most beautiful sceneries. Discover the magnificent skating rinks all over the city. Snowshoe through snow-capped forests less than 30 minutes from downtown. Go dogsledding through stunning winter scenery. After an adventurous snowmobile ride, have a seat by the fireplace at the chalet with a nice glass of wine. So, bundle up because there's no shortage of warm-hearted fun in Québec City.

Banff National Park, Alberta

Banff and Lake Louise come alive during winter and are full of magical moments. Those moments of pure joy, wonder and discovery: they're the ones that really matter. The feeling you have as you sit bundled under a blanket next to your best friends, heads tilted back and gazing in awe at the Northern Lights dancing in the crystal-clear sky. The catch in your breath as you drive into town and see for the first time the majestic mountains that seem to burst straight from the ground. Watching snowflakes float gently to the ground and anticipating how fun the skiing will be tomorrow. Gliding across a frozen lake, friends rushing by, you feel the tranquility of the mountains around you. The cold crisp air gliding across your face, the momentum of sled dogs building, the exhilaration in your body soaring. These moments are the ones you'll remember forever in Banff and Lake Louise.

Disclaimer: Please note that each province featured has its own Covid-19 preventative measures and travel requirements in place which are subject to change frequently. For more information, contact your travel advisor.

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